Rerooting Tool And Tool Needles





This is our top quality doll hair rerooting tool. It features a beautifully stained oak finish wooden handle which we found to be much easier on the hands, when compared to a metal handle. We also carry metal handled doll hair rerooting tools too! 

The tool allows for quick needle changes when you need to use a variety of sizes to reroot a doll. The tool includes 2 dual sided collets (one comes hidden inside the tool) provide the user with the ability to use different sizes of needles interchangably to fit the appropriate project. Larger collets also allow drilling with small bits for denser/hardened doll heads. 

Sold Individually with no needles, or as a starter set with twelve high quality sharpened needles (two of each size.)

Rerooting tool has two dual collets inside ranging in size from .0mm -.3mm in diameter. The needle length can be adjusted for how deep you want the needle to go into the dolls head. Our rerooting tool easily secures down tightly on rerooting needles.

We still like rerooting dolls the traditional way, with a needle knot method, but we have to admit this way is much faster. It does require a small amount of glue to be used to actually secure the hair plugs, from the inside of the head.


Top quality English made sharpened tool needles. Sapphire multi-angle sharpened using proprietary technology once available only to needle manufacturing.  Sold in packages of two at the lowest price anywhere.


Reroot Tool Needle Size Recommendations *Your results may vary*

Size 5 - Larger Dolls

Size 6 - Over-sized hair plug holes from previous rerooting.

Size 7Tonner Dolls, Gene dolls, Some Barbies

Size 8 - Regular Size Barbie, Bratz, Monster High Dolls, Strawberry Shortcake, Regular Size My Little Pony

Size 9 - Eyebrows, eyelashes, fine part lines, and smaller pony dolls.

Size 10 - Very fine rerooting work. The smallest size needles we offer.

*Please use caution when selecting needle sizes. Using a tool needle too large, can cause vinyl splitting. Smaller needles may break easier.

Mario from the YouTube channel MmDisney200 made the following rerooting tool tutorial: